I can be a mole or rockIf you wish, in your listI may be too smallFor your eyes, to seeBut you could feelIf you wish, in your listWith your inner soulWho am I?I’m just a fleeting mistWho’d like to live for loveWhen the dawn breaksWith the delicate thunderAnd the night fallsWith the mighty showerI wish if we could meetAnd lay beneath the skyOnly to soak us with lifeAnd when silences crumbleWe shall have our first kissIn the endless stormOnly to beckon the nightsThat we lived alone,A long time ago…

I can be a mole or rock
If you wish, in your list
I may be too small
For your eyes, to see
But you could feel
If you wish, in your list
With your inner soul
Who am I?
I’m just a fleeting mist
Who’d like to live for love
When the dawn breaks
With the delicate thunder
And the night falls
With the mighty shower
I wish if we could meet
And lay beneath the sky
Only to soak us with life
And when silences crumble
We shall have our first kiss
In the endless storm
Only to beckon the nights
That we lived alone,
A long time ago…